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Livebloggin' the Fire on the cruise ship.

Well, we interrupt this cruise a bit groggily, as we're sitting on our bed in our stateroom aboard the good ship MS Eurodam, where we've just been awakened from a well-deserved slumber by the voice of Monty Python, er, excuse me, Captain Mercer.

Seems those funny beeps we just heard emanating from the wall at 4AM ship's time were... the fire alarm.

"There's not need for concern, ladies and gentlemen, we've detected a fire in the engine room.  No cause for concern, the ship's crew will be taking care of everything.  Fire crews, emergency response teams, emergency elevator operators, traffic control teams, hotel manager (and others) all report to your stations, please."

Huh.  Guess I'll get up and take that pee, then, eh, SWWBO?  And check and make sure those life jackets are available.  And, what the heck, this is the Age of the Internet, let's live-blog this... 

Mind you, the ship is moving along smartly, the lights work, the a/c is on, no smoke in the air (thought there was a whiff of *something*, and there's no flap amongst the passengers.

"Hello again, Ladies and Gentlemen, an update for you.  We've detected a fire in our engine spaces, in fact, we have a fire in a boiler.  Oddly enough, one of those places you'd rather expect some heat.  Our fire teams are in place, and we are using an automatic fire suppression system.  There's no need for alarm, and I'll keep you informed as the situation progresses."

The voice-that-sounds-like-Eric Idle is, indeed a very calm man.  I'm not going to waste my Internet connect time holding the line open, so I'll just post this, and update you when there's something to update you with.

Live from Eurodam, this has been The Armorer, for the DONovan Traveling Probably Allright News and Information Coporation. Updates as needed. Um, a long delay would be considered bad.

PS. SWWBO just rolled over and went back to sleep.



hahaha...No Panic.  No delays in updates I see.
Through hurriance and fire SWWBO doth sleep.
Seems someone tossed a holy hand grenade into the boiler.... DAMN HIM.  Set up the inquisition!  *breaks into song and goes back to work*