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Electric car? Nah...

This is almost worth giving up widebody pay for (kidding). 

This is probably one of coolest things I've seen come out of NASA in awhile. The propulsion system is especially intriguing, given its efficiency level and stealthy properties. I'm not so sure it's as promising as a SOF insertion vehicle since payload capacity isn't mentioned and it looks like it's a pretty tight fit in there at the moment.

My only quibble is the assertion that the AIRplane has no effective service ceiling. It's not all about thrust, especially when it comes to a vehicle whose thrust-to-weight ratio is less than 1.0...the wings have to provide lift. And the higher you go, the further apart those lifty molecules are, requiring either an increase in thrust, a reduction in weight, a change in geometry, etc. Oh, yeah, then there's a the power-off glide ratio...I'd like to know that, too. Maybe they can put a recovery 'chute in it.

Still, it looks like a lot of fun...


I spotted that flaw in their 'no flight ceiling' statement as well.  Air isn't just empty space, folks - it's chock full of molecules ;-)  But still, that is Kewl!
So in theory, with a large enough battery, this aircraft is capable of space flight...density altitude be damned!
Here we go again...

I don't suppose anyone else remembers how hard the armed forces worked on VTOL after World War 2? And how they found the challenges of transiting from vertical to horizontal flight (and then back) practically insurmountable?

Brian Seeley burbles "In my opinion, a mass-marketable version will need conventional seating, cup holders and a short runway for glide-in, view-ahead landings—but opening up people's imagination is the first essential step." No, the first essential step is building a craft that works.

Chalk this one up with the amphibious car, one-man helicopter, and rocket jet pack...


What's wrong with amphibious cars?  Even Cuban refugees can do that!

Heck, they can even make floating trucks!

Now that's ingenuity!

My favorite and real clunker,

The American Amphicar!  Somebody in my hometown used to own one of these.

Saving the best for last, an American classic, the DUKW

The Castle should get one.....
Ok, the amphicar was a technically successful design, but not commercially. :)

Do they have one for XXX large people? No? I call discrimination! I want one, I want one bad. The problem is if I got one it wouldn't do me any good. Sort of like trying to fit me into a Austin Healey Sprite. Actually I can get into one, it's the getting out that's the problem.
... been there ...