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Some Trophy - Updated

On March 28th, the Army National Guard held the 2010 Combatives Tournament at Fort Benning, Ga.  What better way to foster the warrior ethos than, pitting together the best fighters from across this nation, duke it out in caged "death matches", and see who's the toughest.

Well done Spc. Helsper

Spc. Elisha Helsper displays her 2nd place trophy at the 2010 Army National Guard Combatives Tournament at Fort Benning, Ga. March 28. Helsper is the first female to make it to the finals at the competition. (Photo by Sgt. Andrew H. Owen, Virginia Guard Public Affairs)
But, if I may quibble... something has to be done with the Third Place Trophy design.  Taken out of context, one may come to the conclusion, that the winner of the trophy earned it for the wrong reasons.

(Photo source undetermined)

Ah  - The source of the picture is HERE.  Snarkiness aside, well done SSG Tórrez.  Your "Never Quit" disposition, brings pride to Washington State.


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Some Trophy - Updated (Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys..) #MilitaryMon Read More



Clearly, this is an InfoOp regarding DADT.
Oh.  My.  God.
Third Base?
This is known as the finish-the-job-bitch position.
I better shut up before I get a head for myself.

This should provide intrasnarkery ribbing of the National Guard for hundreds of years.

I also like the other photo.  Stealing her handbag might be a poor decision.
 Oh. My.  I did *not* expect that!
And you know what?  She's as cute as a new speckled puppy.  Proving that a girl can be tough and still be a girl.  Makes you think about all that gender-norming nonsense... just let those who can - do -  regardless of how many X chromosomes they have.  What do you all think?
Hopefully, Zilla won't rag on him too much.
 You go girl!!!!!!  May we see you at the World Championships one of these days!!!!
Yeah....that triangle choke trophy probably isn't the best representation.....
I don't think I'd care to be the Second Lieutenant who signed off on the trophy design.

Do they still make Third Lieutenants?
Nothing says "You Suck!" like this 3rd place trophy.  LOL
Spc. Helsper is a cutie. And tough.

Helluva combination.


Feh, they just recycled the "Eric Massa" Congressional Intern of the Year award...

okay.........................I ain't axin' nuttin'.............

aaaaw crap I jist gotta.......whaaadaaaafaaaa??????

BE ALL YOU CAN BE??????........... that's it???????

an army of juan?????

sorry I'll leave now.............
okay one more................

is there a trophy for fourth place..........

I just hate the thoughts runnin' through my brain cage.........

pictures of barrels and people bendin'...........................

sneak attack from the rear........
That's awesome. Go, girl! Next time, first place!

As for the triangle choke trophy... well, let's be honest. There are plenty of awkward positions in combatives. :P
There are plenty of awkward positions in combatives.

Heh.  Sez the martial artist and current trainee.

I dunno - that CIB above the trophy...
Combatives aren't as dynamic or graceful as my martial art of choice. And I don't like this 'start from the ground' thing. I'm pretty sure I'd lose that way in real life. Choking someone out is a great stress reliever, though.
Choking someone out is a great stress reliever, though.

Hmmmm, when Saker enters the dating market, methinks she should be required to post that prominently somewhere, just like a cigarette warning.  After all, guys are pretty dense when wallowing in pheromones - it would provide a defense in court...

I know of three young gentlemen who feared for their very lives during one -- evidently memorable -- canoe trip.
Wait, what? I never hurt any of my trainees! Threaten, yes. Damage, no.
Combatives aren't as dynamic or graceful as my martial art of choice.

The real thing is pretty dynamic, though. Same-same *not* graceful.

And remember, in knife-fighting as in weapon loading, PEGIF.

Helsper is an MMA fighter.  Her nickname is "Knuckles."