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As one of those pesky veterans...

...who are bankrupting the United States, I invite you to War On Terror News' view of the subject.


Remember when a handshake was all that was needed to ensure a good deal? We (the American people as a whole) made promises. We should honor those promises. Stop throwing money away on new gotta haves, spend what we've obligated ourselves for and pay down the debt.
"Even Disabled Veterans have to sacrafice"........Jean Leising, Indiana State Senator.
What have the majority of the members of the Senate and Housae of Representatives sacrificed?  Veterans, active duty, reserve and National Guard, paid in advance for any privileges they may have.
We are the true 1% of this country.
Dang, there's a lot of spam getting through these days.

Boss, if you ever don't get the healthcare you deserve, you just let me know, and I'll send you a check my ownself. And I'll tune up anyone who doesn't join me.

Take care of your own before you give the farm away, damned fools.
So I'm signing up for Medicare, sent to the VA to see if there is some kind of coordinating care benefit. The VA claims either (a) I'm not a vet or (b) I'm not service connected or (c) I haven't been treated at the VA or (d) my records are screwed up. Ma'am, those are your records, not mine. And I told you they'd be screwed up; they were screwed up before the pharmacy started using computers. Why would that have helped things? They'll look into it, get back in 30-60 days.

(She did say that she believed me; the only record of me she found was a form transfering my med fulfilment from Ward 2d to Outpatient from thirty some years ago, so I had to have been in-patient then!)
I have a copy of every piece of paper that has been exchanged between myself and the VA.  I do need to get my VA card redone, the one I have is kinda beat up (not from use, but from sitting in my wallet for a decade).

I don't trust 'em any farther than I can throw them.
I retired in 2005 and have yet to receive my VA card.

After I got back from the last Excellent Adventure in January, I requested a hearing re-eval to see how much damage getting blowed up did to my organic sound processors. Naturally, they said they'd get back to me.

In July, I received a form letter, patting my hand and saying they hadn't forgotten me, and were still working on getting me an appointment. In  late September, my present employer contacted me and offered me this gig -- six weeks later, they'd received approval from DA for me to work on the job in AfStan, processed my Afghan visa, scheduled me for five weeks of Mi-17 transition training in the Ukraine, and got me weapons-qualified in both pistol and long-gun.

Just before I left for Kremenchuk, I got a form letter from the VA announcing that they'd scheduled my hearing eval for -- five days after my scheduled arrival in the Ukraine.

So, how come the private sector can satisfy several dozen US military, federal gumment, and international bureaucratic requirements in six weeks and it takes the VA ten months just to get someone an appointment with an audiologist?
I've been told NOT to get a new VA ID card until the confusion is straightened out; it appears that some choices made in getting a "new" one are irrrevocable, so if it was to be made showing I was not service connected, then it would never be issuable as showing that (even if my status changed.) There are parts of the VA that are good (some of the actual medical care) but their paperwork can paint Kafka's The Castle into a model of light and transparency.
If you're serviced by the Indianapolis regional office, you'd be right to not trust them, for sure.  The Indianapolis VA was recently found to have a 41% error rate.  Nearly half of the time whatever they do is wrong........just my opinion, but I don't think that the error rate is based on rushing to judgement.  I've been waiting 6 months for any action whatsoever on my claim, other than "don't call us, we'll call you" when we're ready to do something.
Bill's comment came while I was writing mine........looks like I need to hush up and wait four more months for my hearing eval.
As long as he's dinging vets for bankrupting the country, the Golfer-in-Chief needs to remind his minions to read the memos. SecNav Ray Mabus just bought 450,000 gallons of biofuel for $27 a gallon -- which he claims is a *good* deal, because that was "only half of what we were paying this time last year."

Someone needs to hit Mabus over the head with the Math Bat -- the Navy previously paid $14 per gallon for biofuel.
If you're serviced by the Indianapolis regional office...

Yes, "serviced" would be the PG-17-approved euphemism...

R Jewell, you write, “If you're 'serviced' by the Indianapolis regional office...”,  that is your 1st problem, they think you like it, most of us, DO NOT!

I do believe John has an insight, keep copies of your records. Personally, I keep 2 copies of everything, one is  hard copy, the other is a scanned copy on a special external computer drive. This includes any documents I send them  and  any documents they send me. They didn't know that I did this until they transferred from one facility to another. During my 1st visit, they wanted me to bring any records after a certain date. I turn on the computer, printer and print every image after their start date to the date of the appointment. Before my appointment one of the administrative people wanted to talk with me and wanted  me to describe my documents. I kept my medications and documents in a briefcase, out of her sight. She told me my conclusions were impossible, but the doctor asked me to come into his office. He very politely asked me, if I could prove it. So I opened the briefcase, showed him my medications and the notebook of documents. To say the least, he was not very happy, on many levels. He asked if he could make copies, I suggested that he just keep the notebook of documents. It changed the VA and their perspectives in many ways.

Htom,You raise the question on the relationship between Medicare and VA Care. This is something you want to talk with the VA before making any decisions, in most cases you cannot receive both.  But in any case, talk with the VA, FIRST.
... serviced ... I had to go clean my monitor.

I suspect that between the VA, Medicare, and ObamaCare ... I'm going to be paying three groups of bean-counters to attempt to avoid providing service. 

"Serviced by" is a VA term, or reference, that I hear every time we go for National Meetings with their minions and the American Legion.

You should hear what they call the backlog that doesn't exist...........


 John, I wouldn't trust them even that far. I made the choice back in the mid-80s to never darken there door again. The Nashville, VA was simply a pain to deal with. I had to have an arthrogram back then, and couldn't afford it otherwise. But, boy, it was a pain in the tail. I was waiting for an Orthopedic Surgeon from 1400 to 1900 before we were told the guy had been delayed by emergency surgery back at 1500. I asked why we weren't told earlier and just got shrug.
Great post, will come back soon!
A close family member has been to the VA in Erie, Pa. many times. Every time he goes there, there's a different staff from the last time. He gets another diagnosis and treatment for the same long-standing malady. Grimly, he has said with all conviction, "They just want us all to die." I believe him. Socialized medicine. Patient attrition is mandatory to keep costs down, so that the Commissars can get raises and bounciness.
*bonuses*, durnit. Friggin auto-correct.
Hmmm.  QM overlooked something.

"But, boy, it was a pain in the tail. I was waiting for an Orthopedic Surgeon from 1400AD to 1900AD before we were told the guy had been delayed by emergency surgery back at 1500AD."

There.  I fixed it for ya.  At least in a way that VA users will understand.