The Futurist's "Misandry Bubble" is Fact-Checked and found ...... insufficient

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I probably started 10 posts in my attempts to show how The Futurist’s “Misandry Bubble” post is filled with dubious facts and figures, but the absolutely ridiculous length of his post and the many contradictions within his post made it such a tedious task, that I would give up after a few paragraphs.

Thankfully, there are much smarter women out there, with much more stamina than I have.

Cassandra has graphs, charts, rebuttals and more stamina than I’ll ever have!!

Please, do go and read her take down of this misogynist, The Futurist.


You are a gender bigot, plain and simple.

Translation: I got nothin', so I'll resort to name calling :p

Always so impressive.

Now I *am* convinced.

RWW is Andrew Sullivan...

I am soooo glad I gave up the self destructive habit of blogging. Man.

That was silly and bloody and stupid. Why do you do this to yourselves?

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