Newspeak here, newspeak there, pretty soon you don’t have a language anymore…

“Unsurprisingly the might of the Mail has been unleashed today in response to the insinuation of racism. The word ‘niggle’ is of course of Scandinavian origin and has been in the English language since the late 16th century. Intrepid fact checkers at the Mail’s Northcliffe House have found it has been used in the Times of London 3,687 times, in the Guardian 2,268 times — and only 2,037 times in the Daily Mail. It has even been used eight times in Vogue‘s American edition itself.

Stephen Glover, formerly of this parish, notes that both Bowles and his legendary editor Anna Wintour are both Brits themselves and would fully know the context of such a word. He asks: ‘Will Nigella Lawson be required by Bowles and Wintour and the new cultural gauleiters to change her name? Must the Niger River be called something else? Should the people of Nigeria hang their heads in shame and demand that their country be rechristened?’”

Would it be wrong of me to note the comparatively niggardly use of the word by Vogue?

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  1. I got flak from a fellow technical writer about the use of the word “niggardly” back in the late-90s-early-00s, so this hypersensitive, dare I say, “offensensitive” posture has at least 20 years standing already. If we neanderthals aren’t willing to move with the times, then clearly it’s totally okay to cancel all of us.

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