This is why I prefer print to television news.

You can catch up at leisure, dispense with the eye-rolling virtue signalling and “Ermagerd!  Watch Us Or Die!” teasers.
And if you broaden your horizons, cast a wider net than the Drive-By Media will allow.

The UK prime minister is sending more than harsh words in China’s direction. In two months’ time, the Royal Navy will send a battle fleet to Asia for the first time since the start of the Korean War in 1950. One of the navy’s two new £6 billion ($8.4 billion) aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth, will head up an allied task force in what’s described as a British ‘pivot’ to the Indo-Pacific with ‘a greater and more persistent presence’ there ‘than any other European country’.

Perhaps they can give the US Pacific Fleet some seamanship lessons while they’re there.

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