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I had to check my own book to remind myself what counts as a modal verb (‘could’ and ‘should’, yup; ‘may’ and ‘might’, sure — but ‘will’ or ‘won’t’?). Pretty soon I was into the thickets of epistemic and deontic modality, which was no help to anyone. In any case, it was quite unclear in the examples we were given why the insertion of a bunch of modal verbs would improve those sentences. At other times we’ve been asked to add two or three adjectives to every noun in order to make the sentences more vivid and exciting: but if you do that you just end up sounding like the late Lynda Lee-Potter, bless her adjective-bothering heart.

How to kill the English language

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  1. Oh, not me, Guv. I was paid to make simple ideas understandable and to simplify as much as possible complicated ideas. Tarting up explanations with exotic creatures from the far-flung preserves of formal English was waaaaaaay above my pay grade.

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