Backyard Mortarmen, er, persons, um, perxns

Yes, there will eventually be video. The weather is not cooperating right now, anyway.

Data plate for the Subcaliber Mortar Device 3-F-8. Made by the US Navy for the Army National Guard. Prolly because the Regulars were happy with their larger, more expensive ones that required ranges.
The kit and the kaboodle to carry it in. Formerly owned by Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry of the New York ARNG. They still exist, though currently only as a “detachment” according to the battalion website.
The top tray, with 20 projectiles and the barrel.
Underneath the tray, with the tech manual, barrel adaptors (60mm, 81mm, and 107mm) as well as sundry circlips, o-rings, cleaning tools and three spare projos and spare parts. And two boxes of propellants.
Barrel assembled with the bottom plate (on the right) which sits down in the barrel and assures the tube is parallel to the mortar tube, and the top plate, on the left which keeps it all from dropping down the tube and keeps the muzzle accessible. On the 81s and 107s it would be a real PITA to drop the tube down the mortar.
Projectile prepared for loading. Spotting round in the nose, propellant in the tail. Interestingly, unlike the actual mortars, this is in fact a spigot mortar. There is a rod in the base of the barrel that enters the tailpiece when the mortarman drops the round. That lights off the blank, with the tailpiece actually functioning as a barrel. This let them use lighter charges. Because, as I mentioned in an earlier post – this was designed to be used *indoors* at local armories, often located downtown. The Guard could train at home station, in comfort, and not have to motor out somewhere and endure crappy weather, either. Not so dumb after all, eh?
Mounted in the mortar, ready to hang and drop, allowing the crew to go through all the drill and have some fun doing it. No, there’re no blanks in that round. There’s indoors in armories, then there’s indoors in the Armory. Our ceilings are rather much too low, thenkewverramuch.

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