After years, nay, decades, near a century

…of same-old, same-old proposals and variations-on-a-theme from the clerisy-that-rules-us on the issues orbiting firearms, the People (though I’m sure the clerisy would argue that the proper usage should be “Das Volk” in this context) aka Joe, Jane, and JoeJane Sixpack would like to see some newthink.

So, of course, the Chief Administrator is going to ignore all that, and protect his class interest (i.e., that of the Clerisy) by imposing rules by fiat so that his class-mates won’t have to do any accountable voting, because they took it in the accountability shorts after *that vote* in 1994.


Published by The Armorer

A grumpy old Cincinnatus who feeds goats, dogs, cats, ducks, peafowl, a horse, and sundry avians, especially in the winter. From time to time you will see guns. Until such time as the Progressives repeal the 2nd Amendment, everything you see is legal, Federal, State, Local, where I live. Your progressive paradise may have different rules. Don't project them onto me. Federalism still exists, even if it is but a shadow of what the Framers intended.

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