Eyes Wide Open

A very “Murican display.

…is exactly how I shoot. Unless you are only doing precision static target shooting at long ranges, both eyes open for me is critical, as it leaves you with stereo vision and much better situational awareness. And, for these aging eyes, better light-gathering. As someone who has worn nerd-glasses since second grade (and probably should have had them at birth) I have a lot of reflexive adaptive skills that help me compensate – my perfect-vision buddies who shoot, gripe, piss, and moan as their vision slowly degrades towards mine, and are baffled at my lack of concern on the topic. Heh. I went through that in my 20s, fellas.

Humans are bilaterally symmetrical. We have two sides and two eyes. This gives us the advantage of binocular vision.

As the most important predator on earth, this gives us depth perception and the ability to judge range.

Closing one eye to shoot is very common and I do it for long-range pistol shots, but for most of our handgun shooting we should have both eyes open.

With certain rifle sights, we may fire accurately with both eyes open as well.

Firing with only one eye open actually changes the light in your eyes — think of it as changing exposure.

When you are fighting for your life, the rush of chemicals and the fight or flight response will cause your eyes to constrict.

You will probably not fire with one eye closed, so you should train with both eyes open.

How To Shoot With Both Eyes Open


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  1. The president of our rifle club here in Oz was a sniper in Switzerland. He always enjoined us to use both eyes, as it gives you more awareness of the environment. He also said his instructor used to sneak up on the blind side and kick you in the ribs! I found it stopped me squinting, but it was better if I used a blind in front of the non-aiming eye.

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