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Aran, a Navajo Angora doe.

I found Aran out in a snowy meadow where her mother had dropped her and wandered away.   I picked that floppy baby up, brought her inside and gave her the Castle Warming Protocol, which is dry ’em off, swaddle ’em up, siddown, put ’em on your chest, add a heating pad on low, and a towel or blanket on top.  Ain’t lost a near-frozen baby yet.

Aran has no special feelings for me or SWWBO.  True to her line out of Serafina, she’s an obstreperous beeyotch.  She *is* a darn fine-looking Navajo Angora, though.  And there’s two goats in that picture.  Aran is just making sure no one posts pictures of her baby for the pervs on the interwebz.


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A grumpy old Cincinnatus who feeds goats, dogs, cats, ducks, peafowl, a horse, and sundry avians, especially in the winter. From time to time you will see guns. Until such time as the Progressives repeal the 2nd Amendment, everything you see is legal, Federal, State, Local, where I live. Your progressive paradise may have different rules. Don't project them onto me. Federalism still exists, even if it is but a shadow of what the Framers intended.

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