As a cuck RINO sheeple unable to resist “The Man”

I get my second Moderna injection – the one with the 8 gauge needle that injects the tracking and mind-control device, and possibly the Proteus *- tomorrow.  So, this bit of info was of interest to me.

Here’s what the EXP expiration date means on your vaccine card.

Hint: It’s not *your* expiration date.



*Ya gotta be of an age for that one to register.


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  1. Good to know 🙂
    So in this ‘next / previous post’ mode, I can like a post. Interesting.

    1. The “like” button doesn’t show in the main page, only on the individual posts and comments. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it on the “all posts” page. Might not be possible with the current setup. I am slowly relearning all that html stuff I usetaknow.

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