Wotta cutie!

Wotta cutie!
The newly identified Maratus nemo is no bigger than the size of a long grain of rice — which is a shame considering it’s one of the most vibrantly colored spider species on Earth (hence, “peacock spider”).Pensoft ; ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy

I just wanna rub his belly! He’s Ozzie, so he’ll probably eat my face as I writhe in agony, but, KYOOT!



The new Anaconda was fully redesigned to utilize an oversized Python action with a bulkier frame that adds strength. The leaf spring action provides a non-stacking, smooth trigger pull, while Hogue overmolded grips are interchangeable with all Colt Python grips and help reduce recoil. Sights are elevation and windage adjustable and can be swapped out with a simple Allen key.

First Look: Colt Anaconda Revolver


Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 29 March

There are four Medals awarded for actions on this day. One Medal is a posthumous award. Higby and Sova don’t have specific dates in their listing. The official database just lists them during the period of the Appomattox Campaign. There are others like this, but clues in their citations allowed me to determine actual dates, and they appear later down the road.

Civil War. The Appomattox Campaign, the beginning of the end.


Rank and organization: Private, Company F, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry. Place and Date: Appomattox Campaign, 29 March – 9 April 1865. Citation: Capture of flag.


Rank and organization: Colonel, 155th Pennsylvania Infantry. Place and date: At Lewis’ Farm, Va., 29 March 1865. Entered service at: Pittsburgh, Pa. Birth: Pittsburgh, Pa. Date of issue: 17 September 1897. Citation: Seeing a brigade forced back by the enemy, he seized his regimental color, called on his men to follow him, and advanced upon the enemy under a severe fire. The whole brigade took up the advance, the lost ground was regained, and the enemy was repulsed.


Rank and organization: Saddler, Company H, 8th New York Cavalry. Place and Date: Appomattox Campaign, 29 March – 9 April 1865. Citation: Capture of flag.

World War II. The Germans, flailing like a beheaded chicken, kick on even in death, not recognizing it’s over.


Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company A, 38th Armored Infantry Battalion, 7th Armored Division. Place and date: Kirchain, Germany, 29 March 1945. Entered service at: Kingston, N.Y. Birth: Kingston, N.Y. G.O. No.: 119, 17 December 1945. Citation: He was a squad leader when the task force to which his unit was attached encountered resistance in its advance on Kirchain, Germany. Between the town’s outlying buildings 300 yards distant, and the stalled armored column were a minefield and 2 bridges defended by German rocket-launching teams and riflemen. From the town itself came heavy small-arms fire. Moving forward with his men to protect engineers while they removed the minefield and the demolition charges attached to the bridges, S/Sgt. Dietz came under intense fire. On his own initiative he advanced alone, scorning the bullets which struck all around him, until he was able to kill the bazooka team defending the first bridge. He continued ahead and had killed another bazooka team, bayoneted an enemy soldier armed with a panzerfaust and shot 2 Germans when he was knocked to the ground by another blast of another panzerfaust. He quickly recovered, killed the man who had fired at him and then jumped into waist-deep water under the second bridge to disconnect the demolition charges. His work was completed; but as he stood up to signal that the route was clear, he was killed by another enemy volley from the left flank. S/Sgt. Dietz by his intrepidity and valiant effort on his self-imposed mission, single-handedly opened the road for the capture of Kirchain and left with his comrades an inspiring example of gallantry in the face of formidable odds.

*Asterisk indicates posthumous award.


Interesting “what if” regarding the Suez ship in a bottleneck…

This one is right up your alley, Gollum.

M/V Ever Given is owned by a Japanese company, Shoei Kisen KK.  She operates in the livery of Evergreen Marine, a shipping line based in Taiwan.  If Beijing wanted to impress geopolitical rivals with China’s ability to cause problems for them using subtle, unexpected asymmetric maneuvers, who would the rivals likely be?

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