News you can use – Dinosaur hunting cartridges…

…this is a question often brought up in gun circles. Admittedly, it is mostly as a joke.
The questioner is often talking about something BIG like a T-Rex, Anklyosaurus or a Triceratops.
The fact of the matter is, there were dinosaurs from the size of field mice up to Dreadnaughtus at 65 tons. Some of them were vicious, fast killers.
Others were slow and docile. Yet others were armored or could fly.

Just like with modern game, each calls for a different thing.


This is 2021.  Scientists are mucking about with dinosaur DNA.  Who the hell knows what might happen?





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  1. I mean, for the big ones, I’d probably start somewhere in the range of 14.5x115mm and not stop until I got to 120mm APFSDSDU…

  2. That seems like you’re going to let them get awful close, especially in broken terrain.

    I think 105mm, good for close and reaches the ones on the far side of the ridge, before they smell you.

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