Old Redlegs will immediately feel at home on the range

Because we all drove those tank trails across Medicine Creek.

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  1. Was that film all officer candidates, or were they just the command echelon for a demonstration artillery unit? I didn’t see any rank insignia that would help a furriner figure out what was going on.

    Just the thought of allowing officer cadets to fire actual artillery shells gives me the shivers, and the last time I was even peripherally in that branch was as a 15-year-old army cadet. _Infantry_ officer cadets were generally not trusted with anything even remotely lethal (one of ours set his uniform ablaze trying to light a cigarette one day (he was ever afterwards known as “Sparky”) … and he was far from the worst of them).

    1. Everyone in the film was an OCS candidate. I’m sure there were scattered cadre, but when we did the “5 Day War” in my Officer Basic course, it was all 2LTs and some scattered instructors.

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