Doing a little laundry…

…and the wind makes it easy to dry the laundry. If you use hooks, not clothespins, anyway.
Around here, between dead legislators, first responders, and multiple tranches of covid casualties, Governor Schoolmarm has been suppressing full-staff flag flying since February.

My solution has been to not fly national flags.

Just historical flags.

Many of a Revolutionary bent, though today I am flying some flags of reactionary repression, that of the 69th NY Infantry and the HQs flag of the Army of the Potomac.

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A grumpy old Cincinnatus who feeds goats, dogs, cats, ducks, peafowl, a horse, and sundry avians, especially in the winter. From time to time you will see guns. Until such time as the Progressives repeal the 2nd Amendment, everything you see is legal, Federal, State, Local, where I live. Your progressive paradise may have different rules. Don't project them onto me. Federalism still exists, even if it is but a shadow of what the Framers intended.

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  1. I’d wondered why the small engine place hadn’t finished working on my lawn tractor yet … I see they’ve smuggled it down into the US market and sold it to you!

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