Another flavor of “It’s never been done right” argumentation

Bemusing Twitter thread.
Apparently Marxists don’t like institution-capturing poseurs pretending to be commies.
With leftist autophagy like this mensheviks like me might not be the *first* against the wall, but will get to stand in line waiting my turn and watch the True Marxists™ shoot the Faux Marxists™ first.
Thread begins:
Aimee Terese @aimeeterese

The left is + always will be a class-collaborationist project, one where bourgeois leftists lie to workers to solicit their votes & money in order to control them. The left only exists to drag working people into exploitative, abusive dead-end brutality eg Joe Biden, war, BLM etc

Aimee Terese@aimeeterese

Every academic in every university is paid by bourgeoisie to help mystify basic class relations. That’s the role of the university within state capitalism. Labor management discourses. Propaganda techniques. Control. Weapons research. Social engineering. Brutality.
Aimee Terese@aimeeterese

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