Memories jarred loose…

John Wayne in “Hellfighters”, 1968.

This movie has been playing recently.

I saw that movie in 1969, at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver. I was 12, Dad was in Vietnam, and I had to have some surgery. I was in a private room, because the surgery was in a delicate area, but also because staff was afraid the ward full of still-bleeding Vietnam amputees (some of them less than a week out from being wounded) might screw with the son of an officer.

As soon as the Docs left, a couple of troops opened my door, stuck their heads in and said, “Damn, kid, that sucks! Wanna watch “Hellfighters” with us?

Yes, I did. And I did. Good times. Even when one of the wounded kids died the next day. The ragged wounded warriors formed a rough honor cordon as they wheeled the dead soldier out, and I did my JFK Jr imitation in the line with them. Powerful introduction to the reality of my Dad’s career.

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