By their tools

…shall you get some sense of the men (and latterly, women) they were…
Apt on this Memorial Day, as all but one of the soldiers listed is at Fiddler’s Green.veterans1.jpg

Charleville Musket – Nicholas Meriwether of the Continental Line during the Revolution..
Springfield Model 1835 (percussion conversion) – William Meriwether, 5th Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, War with Mexico
Enfield “Three band” rifle, Stephen and William Meriwether (a different William), and Alfred “Pappy” Hays, my great-great grandfather – a member of the Orphan Brigade.
Springfield M1873 “Trapdoor” – Thomas Meriwether, USV, Cuba (his actual rifle)
US Model of 1898, “Krag” – Thomas Meriwether, USV, Philippines (again, his actual weapon).
US Model of 1917, the Auld Soldier’s father, Daddy Jack, WWI.veterans2.jpg
US Rifle, M1. Colonel William Meriwether, Arkansas Army National Guard and Lieutenant Tim Donovan, AUS, WWII, Korea.
Thompson Submachinegun – Colonel William Meriwether, Korea, Lieutenant and Lieutenant Colonel Tim Donovan, Korea, Vietnam.
US Rifle, M14, Captain and Major Tim Donovan, peacetime. Me, peacetime.
M3 “Grease Gun” – LTC Tim Donovan, Vietnam, me, peacetime.
M16, LTC Tim Donovan, Vietnam, and me.

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  1. I could have had a trapdoor for $125 back in 1978. I didn’t know its value and I should have bought it.

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