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[This is a slightly edited old post from the old blog – the edits removed some time-based references. While not this house and flag, I did drop off a flag today, coming back from the Grumpy Old Men Breakfast Club.]

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This isn’t trolling for you guys to say nice things to me – it’s to inspire you to do what I do, now and again.

This is a house along the route I used to drive a couple of times a week. It’s not as obvious in the picture

, but that flag is tattered, tired, and ratty. The hem is gone and the stripes are starting to separate.

The home is not in great shape. I took a risk going up those stairs, if only because of the size of the shadow I cast.

Based on the evidence going up to the door, a former Marine lives there.

I just left the flag and the note. To my lights, there’s less chance of embarrassing someone – because the intent is not to shame someone. It’s to brighten their day a tiny bit, in a way that I can.  I’ve done this about a dozen times.  Flags are cheap.

Just paying my respects to my brothers and sisters in arms.

You drive by these homes, too. Every day.

The 4th of July is coming up, Flag Day was this past week…

Cut a brother a huss, to reach back to a nearly forgotten war. You can afford it, and they probably can’t.

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  1. Thank you, John, for reminding me to be a good guy. Between the last two weeks, with the death of our youngest son, and my wife fracturing her left humerus and radius in an accident with the resulting surgeries and hospital stays, I started to pity myself a bit. I will now embrace the suck, like any good paratrooper, and help out a brother or sister in arms. I may have damaged hearing, distressed muscular/skeletal structure, and age related decrepitude brain function…, but I a’int dead yet. Thank you and Beth for keeping me focused.

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