Old Generals need to go away.

McCaffrey is a perfect example of the pernicious and corrosive effect of the bubble the “elites” live in, and its nature.
He was a decent general, but his post-retirement career as an “analyst” exacerbated all his worst traits, failings, neuroses, and finely honed his purblind hypocrisy.
His slamming of Tucker Carlson for having the temerity (HOW DARE HE!) to criticize “Woar Heeeroe!” “Yeers inna Combatses” General Milley veers into farce and textbook rhetorical fallacyland and neatly elides his own trashing of a public figure, a seated President, into “That’s different” cloud-cuckoo-land.
Two points – for all the combat bars on his sleeve, General Milley *lost* his wars, and, while years in deployed headquarters gets you bars on the sleeve, NO ONE except the ruthlessly abused NCO corps (another leadership failure by Milley and his co-losers) spent “years in combat”; and the GOFO corps should just shut up

Kup Lasix bez recepty

, fade away, and be seen at Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies, and not on PMSNBC and Faux News shooting their feet off.

They’re an embarrassment to the people they led.

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A grumpy old Cincinnatus who feeds goats, dogs, cats, ducks, peafowl, a horse, and sundry avians, especially in the winter. From time to time you will see guns. Until such time as the Progressives repeal the 2nd Amendment, everything you see is legal, Federal, State, Local, where I live. Your progressive paradise may have different rules. Don't project them onto me. Federalism still exists, even if it is but a shadow of what the Framers intended.

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