The Southern Cross of Honor

Also known as the “Confederate Medal of Honor.”

John (NTA) opined thusly in a comment on one of my Medal of Honor posts:

There were (as far as I know) no Confederate States of America awards for heroism. As we read of the heroic deeds of our northern born ancestors

, we should not lose sight of the considerable heroism from the military forces from the southern part of our now re-united nation.

We must remember their deeds as well, as many military members today have long family histories of military service in the U.S. (and a few with C.S.) service to be proud of.


There was, in fact, a Medal of Honor for the Confederacy, established in 1862.  But, even though I am a direct lineal descendant of three Confederate soldiers, and cousin to at least two others, I am not going to mix them into the lists of the United States Medal of Honor.  Leave aside that there is no detail available commensurate with the (limited) citation data available for Civil War era Union awards, like it or not, to list the Confederate Medals in my US listing would be similar to adding in Victoria Crosses, Croix du Guerre, and, more aptly, Pour Le Merite holders.

Those soldiers earned their honors trying very hard to *not* be US soldiers, and I am going to honor their wishes in that regard.

But for those with an interest in that aspect of Southern history – here’s a list of recipients of the Confederate Medal of Honor.  

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