Some more of that gun stuff in the basement….

Springfield Armory BM-59 built with Berretta parts on an SA receiver

, and our G43.

This pic was taken after I had been fondling our Gew43 and adding a few bits it had lost over the years – barrel nut

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, dust cover, cleaning rod, and putting in new (shooter) springs because the originals are, well, tired. It has a matching bolt and receiver, but some anomalies. I’m pretty sure it is a parts gun (and was presented and sold as such) but it’s interesting all the same. A August 1944 Berlin-Lubecker-Maschinenfabrik rifle (DUV ’44) with a ’43 dated stock and barrel. I was skeptical of the stock, as it has been roughly handled by bubba in a fashion typical of people counterfeiting new-made stocks, but found proper marks under the buttplate. Oddly, it has a relatively rare “set trigger” usually reserved for sniper/sharpshooter rifles, yet had the mounting rail for the scope ground off – believed to be a factory-done mod when the rifle didn’t shoot well enough to be a sniper, but was still suitable for issue. Things were getting crazy there that last year of the war, so who knows?

She shoots well enough for me in terms of accuracy, and with new springs probably more reliably, now.

That’s our Springfield Armory BM-59 in the background. Built as a “Parachutist” model with a folding stock, she’s unwieldy and uncomfortable to shoot with her folding stock. Since I no longer jump out of airplanes, I put her in a wood stock for bangsticking, and put her back in her fancy furniture for display.

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