Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 3 July

Medal of Honor recipient Michael F Folland. Courtesy the CMOHS.

There are 44 Medals awarded for actions on this day in our history militant.

Not surprisingly, we open with the Civil War and the most dramatic day of the Battle of Gettysburg – the last day and Pickett’s Charge. 32 Medals today in 1863 alone, with 12 others in the beyond for 44 total for this one day in history. As I’ve noted before in other posts – today, most of these would be Bronze Stars w/V, Silver Stars, or Distinguished Service Crosses. Especially all the flag captures going on. That said – clearly, capturing the enemy’s Color is a Big Deal to soldiers of the era. So, check out Sergeant Harvey Munsell, Company A, 99th Pennsylvania Infantry. Talk about painting a target on your chest… NB: When I first composed this post as a part of the original series, Lieutenant Cushing had not yet been awarded his Medal – that happened in 2014, hence the very different style of the citation. Continue reading “Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 3 July”

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That moment, standing in front of the meat case at your local comestibles emporium, when your soul implodes under the pressure from the detonation of an EPIPHANY.
You’re looking at steaks suitable for the marking of that civilization-crushing signing of that petty break-up email penned by a bunch of selfish pale penis people white supremacists who detest their moral and intellectual betters in order that they can eventually create a more perfect implementation of systemic racism and unjust oppression as later codified in their laughably horrible “Constitution” and you realize…
1. Geez yer a pretentious twatwaffle of a scribe today and

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2. You are screaming past the second standard deviation on the descending leg of the “Get off my lawn!” side of the Bell Curve of entropy as you keep picking up packets of finely marbled beastflesh muttering, “Dammit, these are all too big!” as you rummage for hunks of flesh even your mother would have rejected as too small.
Dear Lord, take me now.


Das Zuckereich Demokratische Republik

Zuckerbot Kontrollers

Evidence that FB is a prototypical authoritarian regime of either Left or Right…
It is anathema to the Regime and it’s enforcers/STASI-informers to sell animals on FB.

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, an underground market thrives beneath the surface, generating a whole new transactional vocabulary and symbology designed to not trip the censor’s sensors.
The same is true for *koff* firearms, btw.
There’s a Master Thesis in there, somewhere.

Zuckerstasi Informant

Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 2 July

Medal of Honor recipient Joshua L Chamberlain. Courtesy the CMOHS.

There are 32 Medals awarded for actions on this day.  Not surprisingly, we start with the 2nd Day at Gettysburg – the hardest-fought day (though the survivors of Pickett’s Charge on the 3rd might argue the point). Continue reading “Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 2 July”

Gettysburg, 158 years on

In honor of white supremacists killing limited-government political activists in mostly peaceful protests at Gettysburg in order to dismantle involuntary servitude (less, of course, conscription), we’re flying a 34-star union cavalry guidon, the colors of the 69th New York, 20th Maine, and the headquarters flag of the Army of the Potomac. On the Fourth

, we’ll hoist flags used in the childishly selfish temper tantrum that was the American Revolution

Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 1 July

Medal of Honor recipient Andre C Lucas. Courtesy the CMOHS.
Good Golly!  There are *42* Medals awarded for actions on this day – and only one is a posthumous award. Also unusually, we have two Lieutenant Colonels earning the Medal this day, one famous, one not so famous, except in the 101st Airborne.

1 July is a very busy day for the Medal in the 19th Century.  During this time the Medal of Honor was the only available option,  so many of the Medals awarded during the 1863-1900 era would be Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, and Distinguished Service Cross/Navy Cross today.

As usual – we start with the Civil War and the two big battles occurring on July 1st – Malvern HIll and Gettysburg. Continue reading “Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 1 July”