To all, oh, six of you.

Giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban has made me very sad. Not because Biden, Austin, and Milley are incompetent tools, but because two good friends veteran sons suicided that week, one on the anniversary of his 16th “Alive Day,” and an Afghan vet buddy suicided the week after.

I’ve totally lost the jones. Which, of course, is exactly what Joe, Lloyd, and Mark want. For us to shut up, accept that they are the be-all and end-all of competence

, and accept the boot.

Heh. They *are* the end-all of competence.

I do need to pick back up on the Medal of Honor posts, but, fukkit.

It’ll be weird, when I do put the Medal posts back up – because I’ll date them for the event dates, which means they’ll fill in in front of this post like they were always there. That’s all about the SEO aspect of things.

Heh. I even shut off my Facebook page today – so that Zuckertool won’t make a dime off of me, and I won’t get even sadder because of the day. I did get the flag to half-staff.

Oh – yeah, you guys don’t know this. In the military, if you are recalled from retirement or administratively punished after retirement for some UMCJ-punishable act, they can administratively reduce your rank to the last rank at which “you served honorably”. The most recent example of which is the formerly-MG(R) Grazioplene, who was convicted in civil court of sexual abuse of a child (his daughter). The statute of limitations had run out on the military side. I don’t believe the final decision on grade has been made yet, but since the abuse started when she was very young, he might well end up 1LT(R) Grazioplene, with the concomitant pay.

So, given the utter balls-up by the senior political and military leadership of the United States this last 20 years (and really long before that) I have administratively reduced the “government” to the last time it performed honorably. Meaning, until I get over myself (this is all ego-driven, I know) I’m only flying the 48-star flag here at the Castle.

No knock on ODS or Vietnam vets – ODS was a campaign, not a war, and the political and military leadership arguably ended it too soon. Any of you who were over there as trigger-pullers or SCUD-bait did what you were told to do as the Vietnam vets did – this is all aimed, quixotically, at a leadership who will never notice and wouldn’t understand it, regardless.

I’m reading The Afghanistan Papers, by Craig Whitlock. I recommend it. For those of you who read the old blog since 2003… I told you so. But did they listen? Nope.

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  1. No need for an apology. I’m in the same boat as you. Knowing it was coming gives me no satisfaction, however.

  2. “For those of you who read the old blog since 2003… I told you so. But did they listen? Nope.”
    I prayed you were wrong, but you weren’t. You have nothing to apologize for, nothing at all. I wish I could offer more hope, but right now it’s clearly going to get much worse before it gets better, we’ll just have to pray that it gets better soon.

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