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22AD is a re-enactment club specialising in siege engines and pre-gunpowder artillery. Based in Plamerston North, 22AD has associate members throughout New Zealand. The group is open to anyone with an interest in pre-gunpowder artillery or who wants to learn more and share resources. Many members of 22AD also belong to other period re-enactment groups from a variety of eras.

The club provides demonsrations and educational programes for schools and other interested groups using small scale catapults. The Educational Activites page details the options available.

22AD also runs the Weapons of Medieval Destruction event each year at Gladstone Range in the Wairarapa. Go to the Events page to learn more about the Weapons of Medieval Destruction event and other happenings.

In the Shop you will find a range of merchandise for period renactors and the cataputer and the Plans page has a number of options for school projects and home catapult projects.

22AD carries out serious research and reconstruction of Ancient and Medieval Artillery. This is of course expensive and 22Ad is always ready to talk to anyone interested in sponsoring the reseach. The Sponsors Information page will tell you a bit more about this. Some of the results of the research to date are avaiable on the Essays page.

If you are interested in joining 22AD simply drop Murray a line with the email address on the left.

The FREE STUFF is on the plans page... just watch the counter whirr over on that page.
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