The second Moderna shot kicked my ass.

Still beats having the Wuhan Flu since I’m a walking mass of co-morbidities.

Got the shot at 10:15AM yesterday, waited my 15 minutes, then hit the grocery store and was home by 11:15.

11:45, headache, aches, chills, and a 101.5 fever. Went to bed, got up again at 4PM, had some soup, and back in bed by 8PM with fever and chills and seriously annoying body aches and no interest in living any more.

Got up at 9AM, no real change, after a sweaty, chilled, and meh night. Still no interest in life.

Back in bed by 11, up at 3PM, still felt like crap but had the sweats that indicated the fever might be breaking. Right now, temp is 99.5, below 100 for the first time, and I’m feeling vaguely human.

No regerts.