By their tools

…shall you get some sense of the men (and latterly, women) they were…
Apt on this Memorial Day, as all but one of the soldiers listed is at Fiddler’s Green.veterans1.jpg

Charleville Musket – Nicholas Meriwether of the Continental Line during the Revolution..
Springfield Model 1835 (percussion conversion) – William Meriwether, 5th Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, War with Mexico
Enfield “Three band” rifle, Stephen and William Meriwether (a different William), and Alfred “Pappy” Hays, my great-great grandfather – a member of the Orphan Brigade.
Springfield M1873 “Trapdoor” – Thomas Meriwether, USV, Cuba (his actual rifle)
US Model of 1898, “Krag” – Thomas Meriwether, USV, Philippines (again, his actual weapon).
US Model of 1917, the Auld Soldier’s father, Daddy Jack, WWI.veterans2.jpg
US Rifle, M1. Colonel William Meriwether, Arkansas Army National Guard and Lieutenant Tim Donovan, AUS, WWII, Korea.
Thompson Submachinegun – Colonel William Meriwether, Korea, Lieutenant and Lieutenant Colonel Tim Donovan, Korea, Vietnam.
US Rifle, M14, Captain and Major Tim Donovan, peacetime. Me, peacetime.
M3 “Grease Gun” – LTC Tim Donovan, Vietnam, me, peacetime.
M16, LTC Tim Donovan, Vietnam, and me.

Hire a pro? What?

I have used tools this day.

Ladders were climbed. Attics crawled through, parts and tools hauled up and about. There was no stroking of heat.

No feet suddenly-unexpectedly-undesireably appeared in the ceilings of rooms below.

Brackets were installed and motors mounted. Correctly the second time.

Wires were twisted, electrons coaxed to follow proper paths, safely. And the second time, with the right wire for the speed desired.

Belts were tensioned. Correctly the second time.

The fan sucks, vice blows. At the correct speed, moving the proper volume of air. On demand.

No blood was shed. Nor joints distended, or limbs mangled.

I am a tool-user.

Prolly saved $20 over hiring a pro. Maybe. [Cue Tim Allen monkey noise]

You psycho bassids keep yer damn distance!

NY Post Photo Illustration, all rights reserved.

Remember, we have a cannon sited to cover the major avenue of approach.

And the Exterior Guard will f*ck you up.

If you prefer city living over nature, you might be a psychopath: study

Heimdall waits. Patiently.

The Exterior Guard has their own unit insignia!

The Castle has it’s own heraldic crest, and now, finally, so does the Exterior Guard!  Courtesy the very talented hands and creative eye of our longtime artist friend, Ann Warren.


I am considering one simple tweak. A visual ghosting of the “girl in red” in Schindler’s List, without the darkness incumbent on that.

For those wondering…

“Semper Vigilans”: Always Vigilant!
“Coyote Delenda Est” : Coyotes Will Be Destroyed! (After Carthago Delenda Est)
“Runway Clausa Est” : The Runway Is Closed! (No airplane has ever  and damn few raptors land here)
“Qui Puer Bonus Est” : Who’s A Good Boy?

Doing a little laundry…

…and the wind makes it easy to dry the laundry. If you use hooks, not clothespins, anyway.
Around here, between dead legislators, first responders, and multiple tranches of covid casualties, Governor Schoolmarm has been suppressing full-staff flag flying since February.

My solution has been to not fly national flags.

Just historical flags.

Many of a Revolutionary bent, though today I am flying some flags of reactionary repression, that of the 69th NY Infantry and the HQs flag of the Army of the Potomac.