Cinco de Mayo

…an alternate view (I’m having Argghhharitas, mind.  No tacos today though).

“Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican Army defeating the French in 1862. On that same day, Union and Confederate forces clashed near Williamsburg, Virginia. Nearly four thousand American men were killed/injured/captured/missing, but their sacrifices can’t compete with guacamole and tequila! PARTY!”|

More here at PJ media, Day Drinking with KDJ: MAGA-Rita Edition  (includes MAGArita recipe).


Another flavor of “It’s never been done right” argumentation

Bemusing Twitter thread.
Apparently Marxists don’t like institution-capturing poseurs pretending to be commies.
With leftist autophagy like this mensheviks like me might not be the *first* against the wall, but will get to stand in line waiting my turn and watch the True Marxists™ shoot the Faux Marxists™ first.
Thread begins:
Aimee Terese @aimeeterese

The left is + always will be a class-collaborationist project, one where bourgeois leftists lie to workers to solicit their votes & money in order to control them. The left only exists to drag working people into exploitative, abusive dead-end brutality eg Joe Biden, war, BLM etc

Aimee Terese@aimeeterese

Every academic in every university is paid by bourgeoisie to help mystify basic class relations. That’s the role of the university within state capitalism. Labor management discourses. Propaganda techniques. Control. Weapons research. Social engineering. Brutality.
Aimee Terese@aimeeterese

Damn you, peasants!

QUIT>BUYING>GUNS!!!  Yer PISSING us off, and we’ll ban those muthafuckas faster you can say, “menthol”, assholes!

We went to Ivy League skools!  We’re SMARTER THAN YOU!  LISTEN TO US REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


Where Are All The Guns?

Well, clearly, a lot of them are in people’s homes, much to the dismay of the Oligarchs.



It’s May Day! Grab Your Copies of Das Kapital!

May Day!

Today’s sartorial choice in support of May Day. Not a bust on workers, a jab at the lefty politicians and activists who exploit the masses every bit as much as the capitalist running dogs they purport to hate, along with those beloved-of-the-media hybrids like union-busting Bezos, and Zuckerberg, and that kumtwat Dorsey, leftys who define corporate fascism no less than Krupp and IG Farben.