Cinco de Mayo

…an alternate view (I’m having Argghhharitas, mind.  No tacos today though).

“Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican Army defeating the French in 1862. On that same day, Union and Confederate forces clashed near Williamsburg, Virginia. Nearly four thousand American men were killed/injured/captured/missing, but their sacrifices can’t compete with guacamole and tequila! PARTY!”|

More here at PJ media, Day Drinking with KDJ: MAGA-Rita Edition  (includes MAGArita recipe).


How’s them apples taste, Governor Schoolmarm?

Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto[s], Bans the Election Zuck Bucks. Plus: A Win for 2A Rights.

My state Senator (predictably, he’s a Dem) voted to uphold the Governor’s vetoes, except for the one he didn’t vote on, because, he knows that even though he’s in a fairly safe district, the winds are changing, so he hedged his political bets.

In other news, I’m sure Coke will close distributorships, MLB will *still* not be in Kansas, and LeBron James won’t change planes in Wichita, because we chose to protect our election process.  Yanno, like Europe does.  Heh.


The Exterior Guard has their own unit insignia!

The Castle has it’s own heraldic crest, and now, finally, so does the Exterior Guard!  Courtesy the very talented hands and creative eye of our longtime artist friend, Ann Warren.


I am considering one simple tweak. A visual ghosting of the “girl in red” in Schindler’s List, without the darkness incumbent on that.

For those wondering…

“Semper Vigilans”: Always Vigilant!
“Coyote Delenda Est” : Coyotes Will Be Destroyed! (After Carthago Delenda Est)
“Runway Clausa Est” : The Runway Is Closed! (No airplane has ever  and damn few raptors land here)
“Qui Puer Bonus Est” : Who’s A Good Boy?


Damn you, peasants!

QUIT>BUYING>GUNS!!!  Yer PISSING us off, and we’ll ban those muthafuckas faster you can say, “menthol”, assholes!

We went to Ivy League skools!  We’re SMARTER THAN YOU!  LISTEN TO US REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


Where Are All The Guns?

Well, clearly, a lot of them are in people’s homes, much to the dismay of the Oligarchs.



Doing a little laundry…

…and the wind makes it easy to dry the laundry. If you use hooks, not clothespins, anyway.
Around here, between dead legislators, first responders, and multiple tranches of covid casualties, Governor Schoolmarm has been suppressing full-staff flag flying since February.

My solution has been to not fly national flags.

Just historical flags.

Many of a Revolutionary bent, though today I am flying some flags of reactionary repression, that of the 69th NY Infantry and the HQs flag of the Army of the Potomac.