I was a gunblogger, once

A blast from the past – August 2014 at the old space…
“I’ll let you guys provide all the data, like you did last time…!conversions2.jpgOh, no I won’t, if only for the innocent who wander in. I got asked a question about transition breeches from muzzle-loading to breech-loading, and I rattled off an answer – but pictures speak in ways words don’t. Like, I can talk about comparing Remington’s rolling block the, tipping, or “trapdoor” block of the US M1873 or Austrian Wanzl, the turning block of the Austrian Werndl, or the flipping block of the Snider…”


[Hint: If you click the pic, you can get a much better view.  Well, perhaps except for you people looking at this on postage-stamp phones.]

At the Alamo, a Tejano Hero Gets His Due

Photo by Forrest Byas, descendant of Alamo defender Andrew Kent.

According to woke Texas State Historical Association chief historian Walter Buenger, the Alamo is a symbol of “white supremacy.” Some might like for it to be that, but they are a fringe on the left and right extremes, and the facts keep getting in their way. It’s today’s woke history that’s oversimplified and racist. History is as complex as life itself.

Meet Jose Toribio Losoya, Tejano, Texas patriot.

Good news on the ammo front. As long as Joe allows us peons to buy any, anyway.

Big Green is back and stronger than ever,” Vanderbrink said. “I am sick and tired of not being able to find Remington ammunition on the shelf. We are fixing that. American manufacturing is about to roar, and Remington Ammunition is back.”