Balm for my inner cartographer

A close up of Lac Lemain on the Switzerland map, Geologische Karte der Schweiz 1911. ©2021 Sean Conway and My Modern Met, all rights reserved.

Cartographer Transforms Vintage Maps Into 3D Relief Maps Showing Elevation.

In the olden days, every motorist had a clunky road atlas and flimsy paper maps. Now, digitized maps of the world are at your fingertips. Since ancient times, maps have informed users of their geological surroundings. However, they are also a fascinating record of change in how humans understand the Earth. Building off this long tradition of mapmaking, cartographer and ortho-imaging specialist Sean Conway uses modern expertise to enhance vintage maps with accurate elevation data. An ongoing project, the maps are available as stunning prints that defy the eye to appear as three-dimensional reliefs.

For the record – I still like to carry a paper road atlas when traveling. GPS gets you there, but those paper maps give you context a six-inch screen does not.


News you can use – Dinosaur hunting cartridges…

…this is a question often brought up in gun circles. Admittedly, it is mostly as a joke.
The questioner is often talking about something BIG like a T-Rex, Anklyosaurus or a Triceratops.
The fact of the matter is, there were dinosaurs from the size of field mice up to Dreadnaughtus at 65 tons. Some of them were vicious, fast killers.
Others were slow and docile. Yet others were armored or could fly.

Just like with modern game, each calls for a different thing.


This is 2021.  Scientists are mucking about with dinosaur DNA.  Who the hell knows what might happen?





Wotta cutie!

Wotta cutie!
The newly identified Maratus nemo is no bigger than the size of a long grain of rice — which is a shame considering it’s one of the most vibrantly colored spider species on Earth (hence, “peacock spider”).Pensoft ; ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy

I just wanna rub his belly! He’s Ozzie, so he’ll probably eat my face as I writhe in agony, but, KYOOT!


The schadenfreude gives me herzschmerzen

Good observation Senator:

An Illinois state senator who sponsored recently-signed legislation that will eliminate cash bail in the state by 2023 is outraged that a man who allegedly flashed a gun at him while driving only had to post $1,500 to get out of jail.

“By him being released on bail, he’s free to do this again,” Sen. Elgie Sims of Chicago told the State-Journal Register.

Why, if only there was a way to prevent this sort of thing.

Wait – there is! Which you helped kill, twitterpate.