Good news on the ammo front. As long as Joe allows us peons to buy any, anyway.

Big Green is back and stronger than ever,” Vanderbrink said. “I am sick and tired of not being able to find Remington ammunition on the shelf. We are fixing that. American manufacturing is about to roar, and Remington Ammunition is back.”


A Zen moment of state-of-the-art assault rifles

For their era, anyway.

Just observing.

Well, that Greener Martini police shotgun (fifth from the top) not so much, as it was specifically designed to *not* use standard cartridges, and the wee Khyber carbine below that even less so, being the product of the Kabul armory and a piece I wouldn’t let a democrat poltician shoot, much less a friend.


Well, good.

Quarterly Gun Sales Record Set.

“Total use of the FBI’s NICS system reached an all-time high last month, with a volume of 4,691,738 records processed. That figure includes a variety of administrative duties unrelated to the transfer of a gun, including the growing number of carry permits—applications, renewals and verification that current holders haven’t been charged with a disqualifying offense. Illinois alone accounted for 1.4 million for the latter purpose.

FBI NICS numbers do not include many private transfers of firearms, or those purchases made by valid concealed carry permit holders in regions of the nation where they are not required to undergo a redundant background check.”

Welcome fellow gun-owners, newbs *and* those of you trying to catch up.


We certainly don’t own an AR16

But I would definitely consider it if someone were to design one (not just rename a current design)…

NRA challenges Biden’s clownish gun advice and Kerry’s phantom ‘AR-16’

John Effin’ Kerry is one of the few in democrat “leadership” circles who has actually *used* an M16, give him that much.  No, no, don’t give him an actual rifle, just credit for having carried one.  In uniform.  Something else most of the democrat (and, in truth, Republican, too) leadership have not done.