Eyes Wide Open

A very “Murican display.

…is exactly how I shoot. Unless you are only doing precision static target shooting at long ranges, both eyes open for me is critical, as it leaves you with stereo vision and much better situational awareness. And, for these aging eyes, better light-gathering. As someone who has worn nerd-glasses since second grade (and probably should have had them at birth) I have a lot of reflexive adaptive skills that help me compensate – my perfect-vision buddies who shoot, gripe, piss, and moan as their vision slowly degrades towards mine, and are baffled at my lack of concern on the topic. Heh. I went through that in my 20s, fellas.

Humans are bilaterally symmetrical. We have two sides and two eyes. This gives us the advantage of binocular vision.

As the most important predator on earth, this gives us depth perception and the ability to judge range.

Closing one eye to shoot is very common and I do it for long-range pistol shots, but for most of our handgun shooting we should have both eyes open.

With certain rifle sights, we may fire accurately with both eyes open as well.

Firing with only one eye open actually changes the light in your eyes — think of it as changing exposure.

When you are fighting for your life, the rush of chemicals and the fight or flight response will cause your eyes to constrict.

You will probably not fire with one eye closed, so you should train with both eyes open.

How To Shoot With Both Eyes Open


Judges matter sometimes

Because Rethuglican Judges thwart the wishes of the DeepState and the Clerisy it supports/empowers.

Clearly, Madame Shrieker Speaker Pelosi and Senate Mawhorerity  Majority Leader Schumer should, after nuking the filibuster, pass a law that specifies that only Democrats may make lifetime appointments and that all Rethuglican-appointed judges must vacate their seats when a Democrat administration is enobled.


After years, nay, decades, near a century

…of same-old, same-old proposals and variations-on-a-theme from the clerisy-that-rules-us on the issues orbiting firearms, the People (though I’m sure the clerisy would argue that the proper usage should be “Das Volk” in this context) aka Joe, Jane, and JoeJane Sixpack would like to see some newthink.

So, of course, the Chief Administrator is going to ignore all that, and protect his class interest (i.e., that of the Clerisy) by imposing rules by fiat so that his class-mates won’t have to do any accountable voting, because they took it in the accountability shorts after *that vote* in 1994.


The schadenfreude gives me herzschmerzen

Good observation Senator:

An Illinois state senator who sponsored recently-signed legislation that will eliminate cash bail in the state by 2023 is outraged that a man who allegedly flashed a gun at him while driving only had to post $1,500 to get out of jail.

“By him being released on bail, he’s free to do this again,” Sen. Elgie Sims of Chicago told the State-Journal Register.

Why, if only there was a way to prevent this sort of thing.

Wait – there is! Which you helped kill, twitterpate.