Amazing that spineless people walk upright…


Virginia Dems Balk at Passing Major Gun-Control Reforms Ahead of Election
Experts say it could be a bellwether for Democratic approach elsewhere

One rather suspects they’re hoping Congress will do it for them, so they can, in the immortal words of Governor William J. Le Petomane: “We’ve gotta protect our phoney baloney jobs, gentlemen!


Teh Narrative! It’s what’s for dinner!

“In response to the assertion that Blacks are “systematically targeted for demise,” every recent compilation of crime statistics in the United States shows this statement to be categorically false (Canada has no comparable robust reporting on race-specific crime statistics). In fact, per the 2018 US National Crime Victimization Survey, the only group of people systematically killing Black people are other Black people and overwhelmingly so. The Bureau of Justice Statistics also reports that “the offender was of the same race or ethnicity as the victim in 70 per cent of violent incidents involving Black victims.” This directly confronts assertions, especially by celebrities and politicians, that Black people are “literally hunted,” as Lebron James put it.”


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