He’s right, yanno

Me, talking with the DIVARTY staff while running a .45 qual* range. Officers have big egos and are crybabies.
It was fun to take their weapon, load in a magazine, and put 8 into the 10 ring at 25 feet.
They probably sat on my subsequent promotion boards.

The truth hurts!

*I’m lying. Officers, who set the standards, decided that people armed with pistols didn’t need to “qualify,” just “familiarize.”

I truly believe because most of them couldn’t shoot, the Army didn’t want to buy the ammo to train with, and this let officer egos off the hook. I, however, as the HHB commander, did *not* let their egos off the hook.

Like I said, they prolly sat on my promotion boards and got them some payback. 😉

World of Warships Easter Eggs

HMS Belfast berthed in the Thames next to the Tower of London in WoWs London port.

World of Warships Easter Eggs – like the London DoubleDecker going all Dukes of Hazzard on the partially-raised Tower Bridge.
Wargaming sticks all sorts of little tidbits in the game maps and ports. Gives you something to do after some snotty little tier 8 destroyer erased your mighty tier 10 battleship. You can go explore the map looking for the Easter Eggs.


“Bugs Mr Rico! Thousands of ’em!”

Airmen assigned to the 88th Test and Evaluation Squadron, pose for a photo in full Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear flight gear during a developmental test at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., April 21, 2021. The Airmen participated in on-going testing of the new Uniform Integrated Protective Ensemble Air two-piece system. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Dwane R. Young)

Hire a pro? What?

I have used tools this day.

Ladders were climbed. Attics crawled through, parts and tools hauled up and about. There was no stroking of heat.

No feet suddenly-unexpectedly-undesireably appeared in the ceilings of rooms below.

Brackets were installed and motors mounted. Correctly the second time.

Wires were twisted, electrons coaxed to follow proper paths, safely. And the second time, with the right wire for the speed desired.

Belts were tensioned. Correctly the second time.

The fan sucks, vice blows. At the correct speed, moving the proper volume of air. On demand.

No blood was shed. Nor joints distended, or limbs mangled.

I am a tool-user.

Prolly saved $20 over hiring a pro. Maybe. [Cue Tim Allen monkey noise]