You psycho bassids keep yer damn distance!

NY Post Photo Illustration, all rights reserved.

Remember, we have a cannon sited to cover the major avenue of approach.

And the Exterior Guard will f*ck you up.

If you prefer city living over nature, you might be a psychopath: study

Heimdall waits. Patiently.

It must be nice to live in a world where what happened before you…

…started noticing things around you simply.didn’t.happen. What is she, five years old?

Talk about “bubbles”… Wilson, FDR, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon (“Pentagon Papers,” anyone?), Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama…
Her history and journalism teachers should be forced to refund their salaries.
And – note her own little bit of disinformation, in the fine tradition of broadcast news bigs. Rather, Couric, Cronkite…

Journo lists things ‘Trump’s un-American regime’ did and what ‘journalists never expect

“Is this satire?” indeed.