One wonders

… if you think only 14 congressional GOP members deserve an ‘A’ grade, and 136 deserve an ‘F’  – perhaps you aren’t really a Republican any more?  I’m not a fan of Trump the man, too much bombast and bloviation, but as far as the Trump Administration… didn’t hate that nearly as much as I thought I was going to, much less the current sock puppet in charge.

Never-Trump Grift Is Back: Republican Accountability Project Is Even More Tone Deaf, Ridiculous, and Irrelevant

Been saying things along these lines for years

But I’m improperly credentialed, and being white heteronormative male, I personally am the actual source of All That Is Wrong Since Moses, so no one listens to me.  😉


Of course, John McWhorter is Uncle Tomishly inauthentically pigmented, what with keeping his slave name and all, too.

Systemic racism

…looks a lot like just plain old elite contempt for the powerless. Which can be racist, surely. But it can also just be contempt for people with no money and no political power.

These government bureaucrats, planning boards, politicians, and wealthy business owners saw the East Street Valley residents as obstacles to progress. They stood in the way of allowing wealthier suburban commuters easy access to commerce.

Salena Zito on “Ancient and Lonely Urban Monuments.”

There is a fair enough argument to make that it is also elitism that is physically built into some of our highways, that dismissive contempt for working-class and low-income families of every color has always played a decisive role in infrastructure development and city planning. Because of that contempt, they could not stop the demolition of their communities, and lord knows they tried.

There is also an argument to be made that the seeds of our resentment we hold toward those cultural curators, such as the planning commissions that demolished the heartbeats of these neighborhoods, began when our parents and grandparents fought and lost the hard battles to save their communities. The division between insiders and outsiders continues to divide the nation.