Let Us Have A Fisking!

To start: See this bit at Not-The-Bee. Click the link you lazy good-for-nothings!

That list makes more assumptions about middle class folk than cops allegedly do about Drivers of Color. Among them, that we’re all actually rich. There’s little wiggling for different paths in life.

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Oceania has never been at war with Eastasia.

And vice versa, if today is Tuesday. Or Friday. Or, at least in digits; the greatest paradigm shift for narrative control ever. Tim Berners-Lee gave us a gift with HTML. And, like the children we are, we broke it. Thoroughly. Swiftly.

And possibly irremediably.

Moscow’s War on History.

“In the wake of Russia’s Victory Day military parade on Sunday, Russian lawmakers plan to ban any comparisons between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The parade marks the 76th anniversary of the end of World War II and, as is traditional, will be held in Red Square.”

But wait – there’s more! Don’t forget the “European Civil War!”

Was It Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor During the ‘European Civil War?’

Buy now, and I’ll throw in the 1619 Project!

Why Are We Teaching Kids That America Was Always Racist?


The times, they are a’changing

…at least in my corner of Kansas.

So good to have a sitdown meal where no one, even staff, are masked.

Small-town flyover, baby!

I am assured by all the Top People we’ll be dead shortly. Gretchen certainly thinks so.. And Governor Schoolmarm has half-staffed flags again for deaths related to *that* vector.

Died of cancer? Kidney disease?

Sorry. Your death is insignificant.

To keep us focused.




Damn you, peasants!

QUIT>BUYING>GUNS!!!  Yer PISSING us off, and we’ll ban those muthafuckas faster you can say, “menthol”, assholes!

We went to Ivy League skools!  We’re SMARTER THAN YOU!  LISTEN TO US REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


Where Are All The Guns?

Well, clearly, a lot of them are in people’s homes, much to the dismay of the Oligarchs.



It’s May Day! Grab Your Copies of Das Kapital!

May Day!

Today’s sartorial choice in support of May Day. Not a bust on workers, a jab at the lefty politicians and activists who exploit the masses every bit as much as the capitalist running dogs they purport to hate, along with those beloved-of-the-media hybrids like union-busting Bezos, and Zuckerberg, and that kumtwat Dorsey, leftys who define corporate fascism no less than Krupp and IG Farben.