I could spit nails

This Memorial Day, reserve a small bit of time to offer up a resounding hymn, as in, “Him, him, *F*CK* him!” to George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and the encouragers, enablers, including subsequent Presidents, SECDEFs, and sundry cabinet members, congresses and pundits who initiated and/or supported-when-politically-convenient the “nation-building” chimeras of Iraq and Afghanistan. All the while doing it on the cheap, without commitment except by the troops, all the while having no real skin in the game.  A waste of lives and treasure, ours, Iraqi, Afghan.  The giving of hope, only to say “Fukkit, we’re outta here, ya screwed up, ya trusted us.”

As I watch *another* generation of military folk go through what the Auld Soldier did in 1975, watching the end of an unwinnable war that they dedicated their lives, prospects and honor to fight, directed by venal asswipes who acted on political calculation and soaring ego yet with no real personal threat but mildly reputational, and who are revered when they should be ignored, except as bad examples.

I’ve beat this drum since 2003.

Fuck all y’all.


It’s a time for reflection. Though the fallen would probably also approve of barbecue. And beer.

Nervous Nancies and Timorous Toms



If anti-vaxxers are perceived as anti-science rightwingers, it appears the Left has their anti-science cranks in the pro-maskers.

No, don’t barf up all the other anti-science state religion dogma of the Left and/or Right. Focus boys, girls, and gemischt otheren.

“Minutes after The Hill tweeted Friday that Trader Joe’s was no longer demanding that its customers self-suffocate, at least those who’ve been fully vaccinated, the scolds and skittish school marms took their shots before running to hide under their beds.

“Not good,” said one, without explaining why it’s not good.

Other responses included: “I’ve only been there once and it looks like it will be my only time for a while,” and “I will not be going to #TraderJoes 4 a long time.” Many concurred: They’ll also avoid Trader Joe’s. One commenter said he doesn’t know if he’ll ever go back again. All that was missing was Joe Biden calling Trader Joe’s executives Neanderthals and Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank claiming the stores are “America’s No. 1 Death Destination.””

Catch the rest at Issues and Insights: Neurotic America: Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever


Let Us Have A Fisking!

To start: See this bit at Not-The-Bee. Click the link you lazy good-for-nothings!

That list makes more assumptions about middle class folk than cops allegedly do about Drivers of Color. Among them, that we’re all actually rich. There’s little wiggling for different paths in life.

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Oceania has never been at war with Eastasia.

And vice versa, if today is Tuesday. Or Friday. Or, at least in digits; the greatest paradigm shift for narrative control ever. Tim Berners-Lee gave us a gift with HTML. And, like the children we are, we broke it. Thoroughly. Swiftly.

And possibly irremediably.

Moscow’s War on History.

“In the wake of Russia’s Victory Day military parade on Sunday, Russian lawmakers plan to ban any comparisons between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The parade marks the 76th anniversary of the end of World War II and, as is traditional, will be held in Red Square.”

But wait – there’s more! Don’t forget the “European Civil War!”

Was It Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor During the ‘European Civil War?’

Buy now, and I’ll throw in the 1619 Project!

Why Are We Teaching Kids That America Was Always Racist?


The times, they are a’changing

…at least in my corner of Kansas.

So good to have a sitdown meal where no one, even staff, are masked.

Small-town flyover, baby!

I am assured by all the Top People we’ll be dead shortly. Gretchen certainly thinks so.. And Governor Schoolmarm has half-staffed flags again for deaths related to *that* vector.

Died of cancer? Kidney disease?

Sorry. Your death is insignificant.

To keep us focused.