Critical Thinking Fail

Be careful what you wish for.


Of course, everybody blithely calling for civil war is skating a thin line with insanity, and if you get it, I sincerely hope you get it in your front yard.





As the Heartless Libertarian opined over on the Book of Faceplant:

“Especially since the American Civil War passed from living memory, Americans have a very skewed view of what ‘civil war’ looks like, because the major parts of our Civil War were fought like a state-on-state conflict of the time. The nastiness that comes from intermingled populations fighting each other – Missouri

, western Virginia, other parts of trans-Appalachia – definitely happened, but it wasn’t a major part of the fighting then (unless of course, you happened to be involved), and it’s almost entirely absent from the historical narrative now. But historically, civil wars look a lot more like Bosnia, or El Salvador, or post-colonial Africa than the American Civil War. And none of those took place in a country with more guns than people.”

Old Generals need to go away.

McCaffrey is a perfect example of the pernicious and corrosive effect of the bubble the “elites” live in, and its nature.
He was a decent general, but his post-retirement career as an “analyst” exacerbated all his worst traits, failings, neuroses, and finely honed his purblind hypocrisy.
His slamming of Tucker Carlson for having the temerity (HOW DARE HE!) to criticize “Woar Heeeroe!” “Yeers inna Combatses” General Milley veers into farce and textbook rhetorical fallacyland and neatly elides his own trashing of a public figure, a seated President, into “That’s different” cloud-cuckoo-land.
Two points – for all the combat bars on his sleeve, General Milley *lost* his wars, and, while years in deployed headquarters gets you bars on the sleeve, NO ONE except the ruthlessly abused NCO corps (another leadership failure by Milley and his co-losers) spent “years in combat”; and the GOFO corps should just shut up

Kup Lasix bez recepty

, fade away, and be seen at Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies, and not on PMSNBC and Faux News shooting their feet off.

They’re an embarrassment to the people they led.

Rules for thee, proles. Rules for THEE, not me and mine.

“We know that if there is a strict enforcement of background checks, then fewer guns get into the hands of criminals,” the president said.

“If you willfully sell a gun to someone who’s prohibited from possessing it, if you willfully fail to run a background check, if you willfully falsify a record … my message to you is this:

“We’ll find you and we will seek your license to sell guns.”

Biden insisted his administration will make it impossible to “sell death and mayhem on our streets” and slammed the country’s gun problem as an “outrage” that needs to end.

AG Garland also warned that “gun dealers that break the rules” will be held accountable for their actions.”

ummm-kay. So, you’re only going after the *dealers* who falsify a record as opposed to *buyers* who falsify a record and mislead dealers who are complying with the law?

Not people who toss pistols into dumpsters?

In other words, if you are a scion of a Democrat President

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, well, that’s a horse of a different color, and the rules don’t apply there?

Just like rules regarding handling classified government record communications don’t apply to certain classes of government employees, if they are of the Proper Party and married to the proper cigar aficionado?



Ms. Psaki, do you have any comment?


President Biden invokes “The Swalwell Doctrine.”
By your own admission and order to complete our withdrawal from Afghanistan, aren’t you admitting that maybe that formulation is flawed?
Can I infer you *wouldn’t* nuke the Talibs

, but you *will* be willing to nuke your constituents?

You do understand that the population of the US has *moar guns* than the Talibs? Even if you think they are, “rare” and “unusual” or somesuch bubble-wrapped nonsense?
“Submit!” Sure you aren’t an islamic fundy vice a ” practicing” Catholic?

I could spit nails

This Memorial Day, reserve a small bit of time to offer up a resounding hymn, as in, “Him, him, *F*CK* him!” to George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and the encouragers, enablers, including subsequent Presidents, SECDEFs, and sundry cabinet members, congresses and pundits who initiated and/or supported-when-politically-convenient the “nation-building” chimeras of Iraq and Afghanistan. All the while doing it on the cheap, without commitment except by the troops, all the while having no real skin in the game.  A waste of lives and treasure, ours, Iraqi, Afghan.  The giving of hope, only to say “Fukkit, we’re outta here, ya screwed up, ya trusted us.”

As I watch *another* generation of military folk go through what the Auld Soldier did in 1975, watching the end of an unwinnable war that they dedicated their lives, prospects and honor to fight, directed by venal asswipes who acted on political calculation and soaring ego yet with no real personal threat but mildly reputational, and who are revered when they should be ignored, except as bad examples.

I’ve beat this drum since 2003.

Fuck all y’all.


It’s a time for reflection. Though the fallen would probably also approve of barbecue. And beer.