I admit I’m a snob about some things.

I may not be *that* bad, because rapid fire on a controlled range is usually pretty annoying and sometimes dangerous.

Otherwise, I’m pretty easy-going.

One reason I don’t use public ranges (Missouri has a very nice one nearby).

Not just the cowboy shooters (attitude-in-general, not the competitors), but pinch-faced Fudds, and knowitall blowhards who know *exactly* what you’re doing wrong, or who won’t leave you alone, wanting to let you know how much they know about guns (especially if you are shooting milsurp). Hint: It’s rare I run into a peer on the topic, but I run into a lotta folks who don’t know squat beyond movies or some fat beardo on Youtube.  (One reason I’m not on YT, being a fat beardo myself)

The last group tends to include honestly earnest folks who mean well, and kids who’s knowledge is video-game deep and almost always AK-IS-GOD biased. I’m polite.

I just wanna shoot, folks. I’m not there to socialize, and if I was, I’d come with a group. Some of ’em are fun to talk to, but enough of them are annoying that we just bought our own range… 😉


A Zen moment of state-of-the-art assault rifles

For their era, anyway.

Just observing.

Well, that Greener Martini police shotgun (fifth from the top) not so much, as it was specifically designed to *not* use standard cartridges, and the wee Khyber carbine below that even less so, being the product of the Kabul armory and a piece I wouldn’t let a democrat poltician shoot, much less a friend.


It’s gonna be a good day, ‘Tater

Video by Staff Sgt. Simon McTizic
2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs
Soldiers from the 1-7 Field Artillery, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division show their Readiness and ability to Fight Tonight during their AT12 training at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex, Republic of Korea.