Teach your children well

Grandson Miles enjoyed this before homeschooling became pandemic chic.



, srsly. I mean it. He did.

Our Carl Gustav (Swede-built, Israeli-marked, with a Canadian optic). That has been handled by the grandspawn.

A twee gun post

Our Golani, CAI’s interpretation of the Israeli Galil – said rifle, along with the Valmet that inspired it, being the (in my opinion) best iterations of Kalashnikov’s design.
I’m a big guy, I’m partial to robust weapons, as the weight doesn’t mean as much to me.
Well, and I was a armored force artilleryman, too. I didn’t walk as long as there was fuel in the tank. That colors my opinions, too.
CAI “Golani” rifle.

Let’s take a nerd break from the Medal posts…

Manual fire direction tools the Auld Soldier would have used in Korea (and WWII, had he been in that one).


Manual fire direction tools from my time as a Fire Direction Officer (FDO)

, and would have been used in the Auld Soldier’s Vietnam and Germany artillery battalions.

The Castle’s M20 75mm Recoilless Rifle

I had some clean-up and preservation to perform. Built by Firestone Canada, it was left with the Italians after WWII who surplused them out in the late 90’s. The demil process to get it into the US was hard on it (as intended) and the repair work to build it back to a legal display dummy added to the stress on the finish and accelerated the corrosion. Since the firing mechanism is still serviceable, this transfers like a rifle, as you can adapt a sub-caliber device to function in it. You have to be careful – the issue subcaliber devices mimic a complete cartridge. Due to the requirements of the status as a legal dummy, the gun will not chamber a proper round. You have to modify the sub-cal device to work, *not* the gun. Or the AlFabeT Bois will not be happy with you. There are some people who used to do this, though I’m not sure that’s being done anymore, as these have all disappeared into collections and you don’t see them on the market much.

The Castle’s M20.

Another view of the M20

, looking at the breech end.

Breech open on the M20.

A good tired

The Castle BARs. A dummy M1918A1 on the left and an Ohio Ordnance M1918A3 semi-auto on the right.


I safed a rifle range today

, in CAT IV heat.

Great folk, no incidents, no injuries. Everyone cooperated with the RSOs. Let people shoot the BAR, Luger, P1, and Inglis Hi-Power. Got to hear a suppressed AR-platform rifle. Nicely quieted. *Not* “silent.” Helped a fellow ID weapons left to him by his Dad.