Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 8 November

There are seven Medals awarded for actions on this day in our history militant, and a very interesting group of heroes it is.  We start with a second award, have a combat swimmer, three Medals for trying to *prevent* a battle, a heroic medic, and we end up with one “very tough ‘Rican”, as Boq would say.

Indian Campaigns.  We met Captain Baldwin before, on 12 July, when he earned his first Medal during the Civil War. Continue reading “Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 8 November”

Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 13 August

Medal of Honor recipient John E Kilmer. Courtesy the CMOHS.

The Medal opens with one of those mass of awards with little detail that happen now and again in the Civil War, Indian Campaigns, and the Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection, when the Medal was about the only decoration in play. This is for a mass of troopers from the 8th Cavalry dated August 13, 1868, in “the vicinity of the Black Mountains, Arizona, USA. The citation is sparse: “Bravery in scouts and actions against Indians.” Some of the recipient dates (but not all) cover a range from 13 August to 31 October. It seems simplest to treat them all as a single event. Continue reading “Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 13 August”

Teach your children well

Grandson Miles enjoyed this before homeschooling became pandemic chic.



, srsly. I mean it. He did.

Our Carl Gustav (Swede-built, Israeli-marked, with a Canadian optic). That has been handled by the grandspawn.


President Biden invokes “The Swalwell Doctrine.”
By your own admission and order to complete our withdrawal from Afghanistan, aren’t you admitting that maybe that formulation is flawed?
Can I infer you *wouldn’t* nuke the Talibs

, but you *will* be willing to nuke your constituents?

You do understand that the population of the US has *moar guns* than the Talibs? Even if you think they are, “rare” and “unusual” or somesuch bubble-wrapped nonsense?
“Submit!” Sure you aren’t an islamic fundy vice a ” practicing” Catholic?

Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 19 June

Medal of Honor recipient John W Meagher. Courtesy the CMOHS.

There are 24 Medals awarded for actions on this day – 17 of them from one event.

We start off with the Civil War, and another one of those “mess o’ medals” that characterize some Navy engagements. Remember, the Medal of Honor was our first formal award for heroism since the lapsing of the Purple Heart, an award instituted by General George Washington, and not originally associated with combat wounding, as it is now. During the era of the Civil through Spanish American Wars, the Medal of Honor was the only award available on a regularized basis. What follows now are 17 awards for the same fight among the crew of the same ship, which in modern times would probably be spread amongst the Bronze and Silver Stars. Continue reading “Today’s Medal of Honor Moment for 19 June”

Let Us Have A Fisking!

To start: See this bit at Not-The-Bee. Click the link you lazy good-for-nothings!

That list makes more assumptions about middle class folk than cops allegedly do about Drivers of Color. Among them, that we’re all actually rich. There’s little wiggling for different paths in life.

Continue reading “Let Us Have A Fisking!”